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"It has been said, "you are in a problem or just left one or headed toward one." In other words, in this thing called life, All us will have battles to fight and if you haven't had any as of now, keep living. Nate Battle, author, and speaker, in a courageous and transparent way, gives us a battle plan to help us navigate the storms of life we will face time and time again. I found it instructive, informative and inspiring. This book provides a guide to live your life Victoriously."
— Les Brown Motivational Speaker, Author of It's Not Over Until You Win

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Nate Battle is an IIN Certified Health & Well-being (Life) Coach, who is passionate about employing his experience and understanding to encourage and inspire those dealing with challenges through personal coaching, speaking and mentoring.”



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Book by Nate Battle

Much of the turmoil Nate has faced occurred at the same time - there was a point where his career, marriage, finances, and dad were all in the ICU at the same time. Having been on the verge of becoming a millionaire three times, he instead had to start over from nothing. This book is about how you can learn to never give up and give everything you have to give.



As a Health & Well-being (Life) Coach, Nate Battle is passionate about employing his experience and understanding to encourage and inspire those dealing with life challenges through coaching, speaking and mentoring.



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