Purpose + Effort = Attainment

Be strong and press on in spite of opposition.

You have probably faced challenges in life that seemed extremely difficult. You may even be staring at a problem right now that appears impossible to overcome. Thankfully these happen less often, but when they do occur, they can cause you to become paralyzed with fear, hopeless, and even want to give up - as in to not even try.

When you are pursuing your purpose, are on the path to that thing that you know that you know you are supposed to do; when you face insurmountable obstacles because you choose to take the high road that leads to a better life, that is the precise time to put everything you have to offer into your effort.

Too often, we quit too soon. It may take every ounce of strength you have, leaving you feeling exhausted and even weak. It may also be that what you thought was an impenetrable obstacle only existed in your mind. Seldom does it feel that way at the time, however, this is the case more often than not.

Win, lose or draw, in the end, you will feel much better about yourself for having given it everything you have to give. Trying with all your might and failing is a much better result to live with than to not have given your best or to have not even tried and then learning that you could have succeeded.

So this time, and the time after, press forward, no matter what things may look like. I don’t care if you are down to your last dollar, your gas tank is running on empty, your college of choice said no, or you learn that the job or promotion you’ve been working towards has been earmarked for someone else. Go on anyhow. With everything you have. Giving everything you have to give.

You never know exactly how things will work out until after the fact. You might find that what you thought wasn’t going to make it, was more than enough. That the momentum generated from your efforts was enough to push through the barrier of impossibly on to achieving your goal. You may even find that with our total effort, you blow past your initial target and that your effort takes to you to a place far greater what you were originally aiming for.

Purpose plus effort equals attainment. What you achieve might even far exceed your original goal. Hang in there. Be strong. Press on in spite of opposition. Worst case you will knock defeat down on its butt — weakening it for the next time. You WILL win this battle, if you try with everything you have!

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