What Would You Change?

So You Won The 'Big One' - Now What?

What would you change if you won the big lottery?

If your answer to that question is anything other than “not a thing!”, you may seriously want to re-evaluate your life.

To be specific, by change, I mean changing course. If your answer is something to effect of:

  • “I would quit this job that I hate.”

  • “I would ditch my spouse, partner or person I am/have been in an intimate relationship with.”

  • “I would cut and run from where I live and go elsewhere.”

  • “I would stop doing what I am doing with my life/the direction I am headed….”

If this sounds like you then you may want to reconsider how you are spending your life. Know that enormous amounts of money (or adversity) only bring OUT of you what already exists inside of you. In other words, with more money, you will just be more of who you are, right now. Flaws and all. If you don’t like what that picture looks like, then change it, now.

Why waste one more minute of life doing, being, living something that you don't want or worse, despise. If you can’t stand it, then why are you standing for it? Putting up with it?

I understand that some changes take time to implement and it is not always practical to just up and do something different on the spur of the moment, as would be the case if you won “the big one.”

BUT, if you already know that you would change course, then what are you waiting for?

"What do you mean?"; you may be asking. What I'm saying is that you don’t need to win "the big one" to win big. YOU control you, right now. You possess the ability, right now, inside of you, to change the course and direction of your life. You have everything you need already inside of you.

Will it be easy or simple? No. I never said that it would.

Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

To you, it will be worth far more than any lottery win ever could be. It will, in fact, be priceless.

The difference between making changes to your life’s course AFTER you win “the big one” and making the changes before, is longevity.

Yes, it is possible with money to change the course for the better. Things may seem like they have improved, for a brief period of time. However, if you have not changed who you are at your core, you may find yourself spending more and more of your winnings seeking things that money cannot buy.

Then, as with the majority of lottery winners, you will one day find yourself back on your old life course, however, in a much worse place. Having had a taste of a "better way,” the old way will taste bitter, stale and potentially unbearable.

Is that the outcome you want should you suddenly find yourself coming into a vast fortune? I would think not.

Why not decide and do the work to make the change to live the life you’ve always wanted to live, right now?

I’ll be honest in telling you that I too bought a ticket in hopes of winning big. But, as I considered what I would do if I won, what I would change, I became overwhelmed with joy when my answer was “not a thing!”. Sure, I would pay off debt, make some financial moves to secure a better future, and possibly purchase a 'want' or two.

But, as far as my mission and purpose in life; I wouldn’t change a thing. I would just do more of it! For the record, my personal mission statement is: Helping others endure through challenges while inspiring them to live up to their fullest potential”.

To get to this place, I didn’t win "the big one." In fact, I made tremendous sacrifices, terrifying career decisions, and endured overwhelming adversity resulting in circumstances that were far more challenging than I could ever have imagined. I made choices with significant, irreversible consequences. I took actions that required a firm faith and belief in what I was embarking on and who I was serving.

However, to be able to say that I wouldn’t change a thing if I won “the big one,” as it relates to the course of my life, means that I have already won. That alone is worth every challenge, trial, sacrifice, frightening circumstance, and the difficulty I faced.

You see, you can win, right now, before and without ever winning "the big one." It comes down to a matter of choice.

How will you choose to live your life? How will you spend the time you have been given? Time that is far more valuable than any lottery winnings ever could be?

If you had won "the big one," you would not be able to buy five seconds of yesterday.

However, even though you didn't win, you still have now, right now, this moment. You can take this moment and define the life you want for yourself, the life that you actually WANT to live. Then you can chart a course to get there.

Achieving your dream life is not a matter of playing the odds - it is absolutely possible. It is entirely within your reach, if you want it bad enough AND if you are willing to put forth the effort. Oh, one more thing. You also need to believe (have the faith) that is is possible.

If you are eager to take your hard earned money and buy a ticket for only a minuscule chance at something, isn’t it worth far more to use your valuable, irreplaceable time and invest it towards a life that you chose to live? A life that you planned and designed for yourself, not accidentally bumped into or happened upon?

The probability of that life being sustainable, rewarding, and fulfilling are far higher than the odds of winning "the big one."

I’ll let you in on a little secret; you have already won!

You only need scratch off the coating on your perspective of accepting less than you are capable. Remove the barrier of being willing to settle for a life less than you want for yourself.

You merely need to decide what you want, believe you deserve, and know you are capable of better.

Ingrain and press down in your soul, into every fiber of your being, that you were created for better, for a purpose, for a reason to accomplish more and make a difference during your short time here on earth.

Then, commit to doing whatever it takes and putting forth the effort to achieve. With a strong faith, determination, and dedication to your purpose and passion in life, your real life will begin to unfold right before your eyes.

Will there be challenges? Yes.

Will it be difficult? Of course!

If the outcome benefits others besides yourself, will you encounter opposition? Count on it!

However, know that nothing or no one can keep you from achieving your purpose, but you.

Only you can choose to keep you away from the life you dream of.

Time to wake up, get up, and live up. The good news is that you have already won!

Now, how are you going to spend your life (winnings) today and going forward?

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